Kudrinka Concert: All Countries Will be Our Guests, April 24 at 16:00   Leave a comment

Invitation to a Concert by the Kudrinka People’s Collective Dance Ensemble

Theatre at the All-Russia Center for Creative Arts, Derbenevskaya Ulitsa 16, Metro Paveletskaya

Join Kudrinka for their annual spring concert, which showcases their classic folk and modern dance repertoire, and new dances.
Kudrinka YouTube Channel
Moldovan Dance

Folk dance, modern dance, tap dance, character dance

Free admission

PlyasovayaA Kudrinka performance, with their colorful and stunning costumes, is a celebration of diversity of the people and cultural traditions of many countries. Kudrinka folk dances come from many countries of Eastern and Central Europe but also include Irish, Latin American and Spanish dances. Many of their dances reflect American tap, jazz, pop and even break dance traditions. 
Come and see us for yourself, and bring your friends!!!

How to Get There:

Public transport № 13, 632, 106 or 158 from Metro Paveletskaya to Derbenevskaya Ulitsa

About Kudrinka Dance Ensemble

KUDRINKA is an adult and youth folk and modern dance ensemble of about 50 dancers in Moscow. Kudrinka is celebrating its 42-year anniversary this year. Kudrinka is led by Irina and Alexey Salnikov, and Marina Borden is choreographer and teacher of modern, tap and jazz dance. Kudrinka dancers are divided by groups with the youngest starting at age 6. The adult group includes dancers from age 16 to 26.

Kudrinka’s delightful repertoire is strong on ethnic dances – Russian, Cossack, Ukrainian, Moldovan, Hungarian as well as Latin dances – but also includes modern, tap, character and jazz dances.

In the summer of 2014, 22 dancers and leaders of Kudrinka traveled to Chicago to participate in the Evanston Ethnic Arts Festival and a concert at the Sondheim Center for Performing Arts in Fairfield, Iowa.

In January 2014 Kudrinka won a Silver medal and Special Prize for Best Stage Presence and Appearance at an All-Russia Dance Festival in St. Petersburg. They had previously won top prizes at a St. Petersburg festival in 2012 including a prize for choreography. Kudrinka also won prizes at a competition in Odessa, Ukraine in 2013.

Kudrinka Website (Russian language)


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